Gamer Recreates Hyrule Castle from 'The Legend of Zelda' With Lego


One Lego enthusiast took his love for The Legend of Zelda and turned it into something physical: a recreation of Hyrule Castle from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Joseph Zawada, 19, built the castle and showed it off to fellow Lego enthusiasts at the recent BrickFair Virginia, a convention for all things Lego.

The finished castle, which took over two years to build and two cars to transport to the convention, is impressive in its details, including foliage growing up the castle walls and creating the round roofs of the castle's towers with Lego bricks, which aren't all that round.

In the following video, Zawada talks about the scale of the castle, which is large, and how the towers' size dictated the size of the rest of the castle. He states that the construction "got out of hand," but he is obviously proud of the finished result.

The castle comes complete with several Lego characters, as well. Zawada used a variety of Lego bricks for the construction, including pieces from Lego tower sets and technic pieces. The castle breaks down into 40 pieces for easy transport (although it requires two vehicles to get to and from events).

By the way, look closely at the video and you'll spot Star Wars' Queen Amidala hanging out inside the castle.

Maybe someone wants to gives Zawada $23 million for the construction of a life-sized Lego version of Hyrule Castle, although that price is only for the Lego bricks needed and not the labor.

Next month, Lego Dimensions releases, which features crossovers with Ghostbusters, Doctor Who and The Simpsons. However, unfortunately, there's no Zelda crossover planned.

Photo credit: Beyond The Brick

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