A second-generation Tile Bluetooth dongle is now available, serving the same purpose of helping people find their lost keys, phone or other items.

The new Tile also sports some notable improvements over its predecessor, including a three times louder ring at 97 decibels. The gadget is not smaller than the first-generation Tile, which may be a disappointment to some, but it's still compact enough to easily slip onto any keychain, purse pocket or backpack.

Pairing the Tile Bluetooth dongle allows users to locate their keys, for instance, simply by tapping the "Find" button in the Tile mobile app for iOS or Android. The Tile will then start ringing so you can locate your keys without turning your whole house upside down.

Tile works within a range of roughly 100 feet, and it even has a neat feature called "Community Find" that allows other Tile users to help you locate your missing item. If some other Tile user comes within range of your missing Tile, the Tile system gets an anonymous update of your Tile's location, sends you a notification and you can see your Tile on a map via the Tile app. The random Tile user who found your Tile won't even know about it, as it's all done anonymously to prevent your privacy.

Another neat feature, meanwhile, allows you to easily find your smartphone via the Tile itself. Just tap the Tile's "e" button twice and it will play a short, loud tune on your smartphone, as long as it's within 100 feet. Even if the phone's volume is turned down or the ringer is disabled, Tile will still ring it loudly. At the same time, you can also log in to the Tile website and locate your mobile device on a map.

When it comes to pricing, a single Tile Bluetooth dongle retails for $25. If you're planning on purchasing several Tiles, however, the price will be more advantageous. A pack of four Tiles, for instance, costs $70 rather than $100, as it would if you'd purchase four Tiles separately at $25 each.

Customers interested in the new Tile (2nd Gen) Bluetooth dongle can now purchase the device from Amazon, or buy it from Tile's own website. T-Mobile should also start selling the gadget any time now, albeit it's not yet available from the carrier at the time of writing.

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