Major League Baseball had already banned smartphones in team dugouts during games.

Now, it's banning Apple Watches, too.

According to the Kansas City Star, the MLB spotted Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost wearing the Apple Watch during games and let him know that it can't be used in the dugout. Oddly enough, reports claim that it was Major League Baseball itself that gifted Yost with the watch after he managed the American League squad in the All-Star Game last month.

Yost has grown fond of the device, and he tried to convince the MLB that it's nothing more than a clock the way he's using it during games. However, the league wasn't buying that.

Yost also added that he only uses the smartwatch during the day for its exercise features and to check the weather, but still the MLB didn't budge on its ruling.

An Apple Watch to a manager as a gift for the All-Star Game is a peculiar choice for the MLB to begin with, considering the news about the FBI investigating the St. Louis Cardinals hacking into the Houston Astros in June. With that news alone, one would think that the MLB would be ultracautious when it comes to electronic devices or technology of any kind. But the gift choice says otherwise.

Apple itself did gift three members of the Cleveland Indians with Apple Watches. Well, they better not be wearing them in the dugout, now.

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