'Final Fantasy VII' Releases Today On iOS With The Ability To Turn Random Encounters Off


Final Fantasy VII, one of the most beloved RPGs of all time, is releasing for iOS devices today, and it comes with a few extra features not included in the PlayStation original.

One of the most iconic parts of any Final Fantasy game are the random battles. Love them, hate them or simply tolerate them, they are a large part of the franchise's DNA.

This iOS release (which actually a port of the game's PC version, albeit one with touch controls) allows players to bypass random encounters entirely. Players can instead choose to only get the story and participate in fights that are essential to the narrative.

But without random encounters, how do your characters level up and become strong enough to defeat the game's bosses? Basically, Square-Enix gives players the ability to cheat. A "Max Stats" option can be turned on that will make Cloud, Barret, Tifa and the rest of the game's cast of characters near invincible.

The game's PC and mobile release prove that Square isn't afraid to tamper with the original game in the name of modern gaming tastes. What does that mean for the game's PlayStation 4 remake? Square-Enix has already stated that the game's combat system will be getting an overhaul, though no new characters will be added. Expect the main story of the remake to play out almost identically, but it sounds like the original's gameplay, graphics and side quests will be tweaked.

The game will be available with the next Apple Store update. Square-Enix hasn't mentioned what the game's price will be, but judging from ports of other Final Fantasy games to mobile and the game's price on Steam, expect it to be between $12 and $15. You can check out what the game looks like as a 2D side-scroller here.

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