Starting today, customers of Xfinity can live stream and send photos and videos to a TV or mobile device using Xfinity Share.

More and more people are hopping onto the world of livestreaming, which has recently become one of the ways that people can connect with friends and family members. People frequently find a number of things that they like to broadcast, which can include a simple beach trip, their kid's first baseball game or an important party celebration.

The Xfinity Share app allows the user to "capture video directly on your smartphone and stream real-time to friends and families TVs. Plus, the Share app lets you record and share videos and photos directly from your mobile device to TV."

Launched in the spring, Comcast initially made the app available to a small number of customers and tried to learn how people would be using it.

"So far, our data has shown a huge uptick in Xfinity Share usage on weekends and holidays when people are more likely to share big events — weddings, vacations, and graduations — that deserve to be viewed on the big screen," wrote Patti Loyack, VP of Communications at Comcast Cable.

Loyack added that the company sees the early results as very encouraging and is interested in gaining more customers who would like to use the feature.

In a previous report by Tech Times, Comcast said that they are adding more new features to the Share app in the future. These include the ability to share streaming content using email by simply sending the URL; the ability to send content to five people simultaneously; improving the way a person would manipulate the livestream by providing access to a number of options such as stop, pause and rewind; and the ability to save and store livestreaming content in the app known as X1 Photos.

To start streaming content to a television, Comcast gives some simple steps the user can follow.

First, the user needs to open the Share app and then select the option called "Stream Live." Next, the user should select "Stream to other contacts." Afterward, the individual should enter the contact's telephone number or email address. Last, "Stream" should be chosen.

The Share app is now available to Android and iOS users and can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store for free.

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