The battle between Arrow actor Stephen Amell and WWE wrestler Stardust began on Twitter, but finally makes it to the ring when Amell challenges the wrestler at this weekend's WWE SummerSlam.

The two have engaged in a battle of tweets over the past few months, and it even resulted in an appearance of Amell on this past week's Monday Night Raw, where Stardust stopped his match and approached Amell, hitting him in the face. Amell responded by entering the ring and pummeled Stardust before security stopped him.

That resulted in Amell agreeing to take on Stardust in the ring in a tag team match this weekend at SummerSlam. Amell will pair with Adrian Neville and Stardust will pair with King Barrett.

However, that still left an important question, one that Amell addresses in the following video: what will he wear?

Packing for #SummerSlamPosted by Stephen Amell on Thursday, August 20, 2015

That's right, Amell packed his Green Arrow costume for his bout against Stardust. As the actor said, "You didn't think I was coming without it, did you?" He also teased on Facebook that he's never traveled with the Arrow costume before.

"I've never traveled with my Arrow jacket before," Amell wrote on Facebook. "Might pop it on and walk up and down the aisles of the plane."

Amell also introduced a new T-shirt promoting the match on Sunday, with proceeds raised going to a charity in Vancouver called Emily's House, a hospice for children.

WWE SummerSlam airs on pay-per-view and the WWE Network on Aug. 23. Arrow's fourth season premieres on The CW on Oct. 7.

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