Owners of Apple's iPhone 6 Plus smartphone that are experiencing camera problems could be in line for a free replacement of a faulty component.

Apple launched the iSight Camera Replacement Program for iPhone 6 Plus, after the company determined that a small percentage of iPhone 6 Plus units contains components in their iSight cameras that have the potential to fail.

The defective iSight camera components could cause photographs taken with the iPhone 6 Plus to look blurrier than expected.

The units affected by the faulty components belong to a limited range of serial numbers that were sold during the period of September 2014 until January 2015.

Owners that have been experiencing blurry pictures should check the dedicated webpage for the replacement program to see if their smartphone is included in the iPhone 6 Plus units affected by the issue.

The webpage contains a tool where users can enter the serial number of their iPhone 6 Plus smartphone to see if the unit is among the identified defective units. Apple said that the iPhone 6 Plus should still be in working condition if the user wishes to participate in the program. If the unit's serial number is included in the program, then the company will replace the iSight camera of the smartphone for free.

Users that find themselves included in the replacement program can choose from three service options to have their iPhone 6 Plus fixed at no cost. The first option is to take the device to an authorized service provider for Apple, the second option is to make an appointment with a retail store of Apple, and the third option is to contact Apple's technical support to determine how the unit can be replaced.

Apple noted that wireless carriers are not involved in the program. The company also recommended that for users who will be undergoing the replacement for their iPhone 6 Plus, the data for the smartphones should first be backed up on iCloud before the devices are sent in.

For iPhone 6 Plus units that have certain damages such as cracked screens that would impair the replacement of the iSight camera, the issues will first have to be repaired before the free replacement of the camera can be carried out. In such cases, there will be a cost that the user will have to pay for the repairs.

Additional information provided by Apple include that the repair will be restricted only within the original country where the iPhone 6 Plus was purchased, and that the replacement program will not extend the coverage of the warranty of the smartphone. Defective units included in the program can be fixed for free until after three years from the first retail sale.

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