The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is set to hit the store shelves on August 21. As a way to prepare for its release, Samsung made up a video for the sake of those who are curious about what's inside the latest Galaxy device.

Samsung called the video as an official inboxing and unboxing of the Galaxy S6 Edge+. While most people may find the word "unboxing" as something familiar, Samsung added a little twist by featuring the device in an "inboxing" phase.

In an "unboxing" video, it shows the device as being newly purchased and that it is still placed inside its box. The new owner will hold the box and then show every side of it. He then places it down on the table and begins to "unbox." First, he gets the device and holds it with his hands. Next, he checks out the accessories that come with it. These can include the charger, the manual, the earphones, etc. Then, he holds the device again, turns it on, and navigates the features.

In other words, an "unboxing" video already features the device in its finished state, which is the total opposite in what Samsung calls "inboxing."

An "inboxing" video features the device in an unfinished state. In the video, Samsung lined up on the table what seemed like the innards of the Galaxy S6 Edge+. Each part is neatly piled with the first needed parts placed on the left side of the table. A person, believed to be a Samsung engineer, is seen as putting the pieces together. While he moves, the screen flashes the name of parts which users can expect to find in the new Galaxy S6 Edge+. These include the fingerprint scanner, dual edge display, rear camera, front camera, AP, RAM, user memory, wireless charging coil, metal frame and glass back cover.

The handset is then placed inside a box and sent to end users who were shown in the video as unboxing the S6 Edge Plus and turning on its power for the first time. Based on the varying styles and colors of the sleeves, it appears like there were around six people who were unboxing the handset. This is just a rough estimate but could be an interesting "mystery" to solve for those who like verifying things and those who may be asking "Were there really six people unboxing in the video?"

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is now available in several markets around the world. Each major carrier in the U.S. have their own pricing scheme for the handset but each would offer the device in two color options such as black and gold.

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