Women typically give birth at a healthcare facility with the help of medical professionals. Rose Abbud was also supposed to give birth at a hospital but things took an interesting turn.

Around 6:30 P.M on Saturday,Aug.22, she called her husband Trevor to tell him that she was about to deliver the baby. Trevor at the time was at his niece's birthday party as a clown but he went home to bring his wife to the hospital.

The couple from New Jersey were not able to make it to Monmouth Medical Center though because Rose's contractions became overpowering while they were still inside their car on the way to the hospital. The baby seemed too excited to go out.

"I went to grab my wife's bag and her water broke," Trevor related. "We were driving to the hospital, going over the Sandy Hook bridge and she said, 'I need to push, I need to push."

23-year old Trevor related that although he was trying to get to the hospital faster, they were soon stopped by traffic on Ocean Avenue in Sea Bright. With Rose screaming, Trevor decided to pull the car inside Sands Beach Club and called 911. At the point, he can already see the baby's head coming out.

Fortunately, they were heard by trauma nurse Sarah Wood, the beach club's owner Mike Chimento and Lauren Kammerer, a volunteer EMT, who helped safely deliver the couple's second baby, Bella Rose in the passenger's seat of the car. 

Although Rose delivered her baby in an odd situation, the couple is still fortunate. Kammerer has received training on how to deliver babies in emergency situation. The people who helped the couple also just happened to be there while Rose was giving birth.

Trevor likewise said that it was a good thing he wiped the clown make up that was on his face before leaving the house because people may have had a different thought had they seen him screaming out of the car with his clown makeup.

An ambulance later rushed Rose and her child to the hospital, where they were resting by Sunday night.

"My wife and Baby Bella are healthy and doing great thanks to you guys!" Trevor wrote on Facebook thanking those who helped them. "I can't express how thankful I am."

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