There are many options for smart home security cameras in the market today, such as the Nest Dropcam, the Simplicam and the Flir FX. The cameras have a variety of features that look to give users peace of mind over the security of their home.

Butterfleye, a new smart home security camera, is looking to break into the market as a smart, simple and wireless home monitoring camera, with a crowdfunding campaign for the product launched through Indiegogo.

It seems that Butterfleye has already found early success, as within 10 hours from the Indiegogo page being established, the campaign has already exceeded its $100,000 funding goal by 326%, raising $325,808 at the time of writing from 143 funders.

According to the developers of the home security camera, the product has been in the works for two years, but now the manufacturing plans have been finalized. Butterfleye is expected to ship by December of this year.

Butterfleye utilizes activity based recording, making the camera only record once it detects movement or sound. This allows the camera to save on energy, bandwidth, storage, and more importantly, time for users wanting to look back on the footage that the camera has taken. There will be no need to have to play through hours of footage featuring empty rooms. While not in recording mode, the Butterfleye is placed in a low-power and idle state, which makes the camera capable of lasting weeks in between charges.

The home security camera is also completely wireless and can record footage as long as 12 hours in total. Users can take the Butterfleye anywhere, even in locations where there is no Wi-Fi connection, which is a huge bonus as most smart home cameras require to be constantly connected to the Internet to function. Butterfleye can continue to record while there is no Internet connection and can then upload the footage once it is able to go online.

According to the camera's Indiegogo page, it is the only camera capable of streaming through LAN/WAN and can also act as its very own hot spot. The camera is also capable of ignoring false alarms which will trigger most cameras as motion.

Setting up the Butterfleye is also easy, as users will only need to do a few steps and have their smartphone ready to get the device operational.

The final retail price of the Butterfleye is $259, but first 300 units that early adopters can purchase through the crowdfunding campaign can be bought for only $199.

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