Gmail Can Now Automatically Put Flight, Hotel, Ticket, Or Restaurant Info On Google Calendar


For some time, Gmail has a feature that would allow you to add meetings and appointment reminders directly from an email message. Today, the company announced that it will be adding new features to Gmail that will allow events like flights, hotel and restaurant reservations, and even ticketed events to be added automatically to Google Calendar.

Even more, the automated process, called Events for Gmail, will also update the information for you when plans change on the fly. The changes will begin rolling out to Google App for desktops, Android devices and iOS this week.

The automatic process will certainly make life easier for everyone who needs to be updated with their busy schedules and meetings. Travelers will especially welcome the updates to their information and reminders for reservations made without having to worry about keying in the information themselves.

The inputs into Google Calendar will be based upon information sent to Gmail and the user will be buzzed whenever an event is coming up.

We can see how this may get tiresome if false events are added into Google Calendar and users get notified of events that are unnecessary, but for many, it's a convenient feature that seems like it should have been added to Gmail a long time ago.

The option to remove or edit these automatically added events will be available and users can also opt to turn off the feature in their Settings if they don't want anything added to their Calendar.

Google Calendar App users will get popups to tour them through the new Events for Gmail feature and be guided on how to set it up or disable it, but users will need a Gmail account in order to take advantage of the feature.

Also, Events for Gmail will not be made available for Google Apps for Work, Education, or Government accounts.

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