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Google Lens Finally Arrives On iOS: Here’s What You Can Do With It

Google Lens has been available on iOS since March, but features such as the live viewfinder haven’t been available — until now. The dynamic visual search feature is now integrated into the Google app.

Apps/Software December 11, 2018

Google Maps Makes It Easier To Navigate With 3 New Tabs: What Do The Places, Driving And Transit Tabs Bring?

Google has announced that it will be adding three new tabs to its navigation app. The new tabs are Places, Driving, and Transit, and will make it easier to get information from the app.

Apps/Software February 7, 2017

Google Photos Finally Gets Long-Overdue Feature For Album Viewing: Slideshows

Google recently improved its Photos app by adding a slideshow feature. Thanks to the new addition, users who want to save time and clicks while perusing albums can now do so.

Apps/Software June 18, 2016

Google Acquires Synergyse: What Role Will The Business Tech Startup Play?

Google is acquiring Synergyse, a Toronto-based business technology startup that was formed by former Google employees. The service that the company offers will be a great help to current Google Apps users.

Business Tech May 3, 2016

Google Updates Entire Family Of Play Apps Icons To Show More Consistent Look

Google has revamped the entire family of its Play apps icons. This big update is not just aimed to give the apps a more refreshing look, but also to make them look more 'consistent.'

Apps/Software April 5, 2016

ZTE Announces Wi-Fi Only Option Of The Spro 2 Smart Projector Equipped With Built-In Apps

ZTE launches a Wi-Fi only option for its Spro 2 Smart Projector that comes with built-in apps like Sling TV.

Gadgets November 9, 2015

Google Beefs Up Voice Search To Make It Faster, Able To Pick Up Your Voice Even In Noisy Environments

Google recently announced the refinement it made on its Voice Search feature. Now, users can expect a faster and more accurate Google Voice Search than ever.

Apps/Software September 26, 2015

Gmail Can Now Automatically Put Flight, Hotel, Ticket, Or Restaurant Info On Google Calendar

Google announced a new feature for Gmail today that will automatically update Google Calendar with flight information, hotel and restaurant information, and other events.

Internet August 26, 2015

You Can Now Preview Microsoft Office 2016: Where To Dowload And What To Know

Microsoft is expanding its preview program for Microsoft Office 2016 to most Office 365 subscribers, but not all of them.

Apps/Software May 5, 2015

Google Testing Inbox App For Work

The slow and methodical rollout of Inbox by Gmail is now preparing to reach enterprises. Inbox was created to reinvent the way you get things done, says the app's product manager.

Apps/Software February 24, 2015

Microsoft Gives New York City Schools Free Access To Office 365 ProPlus

Microsoft gives away 1.1 million free subscriptions to its core product, but it’s not all out of the goodness of Microsoft’s corporate heart.

Apps/Software February 12, 2015

The rise and rise of Sundar Pichai in Google (and Larry Page is loving it)

Google CEO Larry Page is taking a step back from his everyday responsibilities, which he hands over to the man of the hour, Sundar Pichai.

Business October 25, 2014

Google apps dominate list of U.S. top smartphone apps

The Internet era is now filled with a plethora of applications. A report reveals that Google apps made it to the top ten most used apps in the U.S.

Apps/Software August 25, 2014

Google Classroom now available for users of Google Apps for Education

Google has launched a new tool which would cater to both teachers and students. It is aimed to create easier collaboration between educators and students, and promote a paperless classroom.

Apps/Software August 16, 2014

Google Hangouts can now be used without a Google+ account

Google is now allowing Hangouts enterprise users to sever ties with Google+. It also announced new partnerships and improvements to Chromebox.

Apps/Software August 2, 2014

Sprint will offer Google Apps for Business, online training and support

Sprint Corp. will soon be offering Google Apps for Business that would benefit schools and medium-sized businesses. The move is to provide full online support through seamless and cloud-based solutions.

Apps/Software July 24, 2014

Google: We promise not to spy on student email accounts to deliver ads

Google has finally undone what it shouldn't have done in the first place, and that is scanning email contents of Google Apps for Education users.

Apps/Software May 2, 2014

Google set to dump Nexus smartphones? Hello, Silver Android

Are we seeing the demise of much-loved Nexus smartphones? Rumor has revealed Google is finally done with it as it pursues bigger plans for its mobile business. Here's what we've gathered so far.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 1, 2014

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