A Tesla fan and his buddy set out to break the record for the longest distance driven on a single charge in Tesla's Model S P85D, and succeeded after driving a total of 452.8 miles.

Programmer Bjørn Nyland—a huge Tesla fan who created a YouTube channel to share his adventures in his Model S (which he calls "The Millennium Falcon")—and pal Morgan started their journey at a supercharger station in Rødekro, Denmark, and filmed their entire trip.

The men took turns driving, stopped to stretch, and even posted signs on the car that read "test" and "slow" so that cars could go around the Tesla, which crawled at around 25 mph throughout the trip.

Nyland later checked in again after 16-1/2 hours of hypermiling, driving techniques aimed at improving a car's fuel efficiency, before the two made their way back to the supercharging station.

Although Tesla advertises that the Model S sedan has a 265-mile range, the two were able to break the record, driving a total of 452.8 miles on a single charge. The total driving time was 18 hours and 40 minutes, with one hour given for the amount of total stops. The Model S P85D was driven at an average speed of 24.2 mph with the max elevation at 310 feet.

Nyland has no financial relationship with the electric car company, and appears to just really love his car. Tesla CEO Elon Musk retweeted the video of the new hypermiling world record, and even personally responded to the fan when he won a referral contest earlier this month.

Nyland's record-breaking drive replaced a father and a son's previous 2012 record, when the pair drove 423.5 miles on a single charge to complete Musk's 400 miles challenge.

Check out this Tesla fan's world-record drive with a Model S in the video below.

Via: Tech Crunch

Photo: Bjørn Nyland | YouTube

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