'Rise Of The Tomb Raider' Collector's Edition Features A 12-Inch Lara Statue


Rise of the Tomb Raider is coming exclusively to Xbox One this holiday season, and now publisher Square Enix is celebrating with a newly announced collector's edition.

As far as collector's editions go, this is about what you would expect. A 12-inch statue of Lara – holding a flare in one hand and her trusty pickaxe in the other – is the main attraction, but there are a number of other items included as well. The collector's edition comes with a steel case for the game and a recreation of Lara's journal. It also comes with a replica jade pendant, Lara's first archaeological discovery. All the goodies come packaged in a box made to look like a crate alongside an Xbox One copy of the game.

Those interested can order the collector's edition through the Square Enix online store or the official Tomb Raider store for $149.99. Worth noting is that the package won't be shipped out early. It will be shipped the same day as the game's release, which means players won't be receiving their copy until a few days later.

So far, this collector's edition has only been announced for the Xbox One version of the game. That's likely because the PC version of the game will be released sometime in early 2016, with the game arriving on PlayStation 4 nearly a year later. 

Developer Crystal Dynamics recently released a video detailing how fans of a more quiet approach can successfully stealth their way through Rise of the Tomb Raider — as opposed to the run-and-gun approach featured in footage of the game from gamescom. Whether or not the whole game can be played without shedding a drop of human blood is unknown, but it's nice to see Crystal Dynamics is giving players the ability to play the game however they want. 

Rise of the Tomb Raider arrives on Xbox One November 10. 

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