You may remember Coin, the electronic card system aimed to integrate your entire wallet into one. After releasing the first version in April this past year, the company is now announcing Coin 2.0 (also in beta), enabled with NFC (Near-Field Communication) for contactless payments without any sort of unnecessary swiping.

Anyone who jumped on board with the first iteration of Coin (some who haven't even received it yet) will be getting the updated version 2.0 free of cost.

The new version's NFC feature will be arriving with an "Easy-Access-Mode," until the company is able to form partnerships with banks and other financial institutions. Eventually, the company looks to become EMV compatible through subsequent software updates available to the user.

The Coin 2.0 is also thinner than the original. It also has the added ability to save and display four-character aliases for your multiple stored cards. It is also supposed to be faster and more widely usable than the last version. The new version, much like the last, is compatible with Android and iOS.

The product will start shipping today. You can preorder one now for $117.50. 

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