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How Much Would It Cost To Collect Marvel's Entire 'Secret Wars' Storyline?

Marvel's 'Secret Wars' is an absolutely mammoth storyline, with dozens of tie-in series and countless plot threads. How much would it cost to collect it all? We did the math so you don't have to.

Movies/TV Shows September 23, 2015

Camera Restricta Refuses To Let You Take Cliché Touristy Pictures

This 3D printed camera uses a sensor and GPS technonolgy to veer you away from over-photographed areas.

Apps/Software September 22, 2015

Researchers In Berkeley Are Working On An App That Prepares You For Oncoming Earthquakes

A new earthquake early warning app now in beta testing has the potential to save many lives.

Apps/Software September 22, 2015

French Data Regulators Have Declined Google's Right-To-Be-Forgotten Appeal

Google is in a tough spot if it doesn't apply the ruling across its global domain. Its French subsidiary could face a potential $336,000 or 300,000 euro fine.

Legal September 21, 2015

This Japanese Robot Never Loses A Game Of Rock-Paper-Scissors

It cheats by using a camera and a hyperfast reflex system.

FUTURE TECH September 21, 2015

Finally, Facebook Is Getting A 'Dislike' Button

A new upcoming feature on Facebook will let you express feelings other than just 'liking.'

Internet September 20, 2015

Airports Are Testing Unmanned Traffic Control Systems

A remote-controlled AI air traffic system is claimed to outperform actual people and could reduce the cost of building new towers.

Computers September 17, 2015

Facebook Introduces A New Feature For Journalists: Signal

Signal is a new tool aimed at helping news organizations better track trending events and personalities on Facebook and Instagram.

Apps/Software September 17, 2015

Microsoft Plans To Invest $75 Million In Computer Science Education Across America

The program looks to target under-represented and minority students.

Society September 17, 2015

Microsoft Is Discontinuing Zune Service And Everyone Is Slowly Realizing That This Hasn't Already Happened

Microsoft stopped making its Zune music players in 2011, now it's terminating the service as well.

Apps/Software September 17, 2015

Lyft Partners With Chinese Ride-Hailing Company Didi Kuaidi To Take On Uber Internationally

In a partnership hoped to be the first of many similar agreements, the companies seek to create a 'country champions' system to compete with Uber's singular global growth.

Start Ups September 17, 2015

Former Cisco President Rob Lloyd Joins Hyperloop Technologies As The New CEO

Lloyd, formerly president of Cisco, will help get the high-speed transportation experiment off the ground. The group hopes to break ground on a test track by 2017.

FUTURE TECH September 16, 2015

This Smart Wheelchair Connects To The Internet And Keeps You Safe

Swedish Mobility products company Permobil is developing a smart wheelchair that works with the Internet of Things.

FUTURE TECH September 16, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg Talks Artificial Intelligence, Accommodating Empathy And Technology-Focused Education At A Town Hall In Menlo Park

The Facebook CEO had his second-ever live-streaming town hall meeting this past Tuesday.

Internet September 16, 2015

Apple Postpones WatchOS 2 Launch Because Of Bugged Software

WatchOS 2 was meant to launch on Wednesday; there is no word yet on when the launch will occur.

Apps/Software September 16, 2015

In Conservation Efforts, Google Launches A Virtual Street View of Kenya's Samburu National Reserve

Panning across almost 65 square miles, a new virtual tour of Kenya's Samburu National Reserve looks to reignite conservation and anti-poaching efforts in the area.

Internet September 15, 2015

Twitter Now Allows Political Donations Through Tweets

Twitter's new 'contribute' feature will prove to be useful in garnering campaign support and resources for the upcoming 2016 presidential elections.

Internet September 15, 2015

This Japanese City Is Experimenting With Alagae-Derived Fuel Sources

Alage is incredible useful, from its ability to suck up carbon dioxide to converting sunlight into usable energy.

Energy September 14, 2015

Researchers At MIT Have Finally Found A Way To 3D-Print Glass Effectively

A new system accommodates glass' high-heat requirement and structural versatility during the printing and shaping process.

FUTURE TECH September 14, 2015

TomTom Launches A New Location-Tracking System Designed For Self-Driving Cars

Dutch navigation tech company TomTom's RoadDNA provides an accurate reading of a vehicle's position on the road, regardless of speed or environment.

FUTURE TECH September 14, 2015

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