The 4-inch iPhone 6s seems to be all set for a launch in November this year, per a leaked image of the handset's case.

The smartphone market is abuzz with the upcoming launch of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus estimated to be in September this year. However, Apple is also said to be working on the pocket-friendly iPhone 6c that will have a smaller 4-inch display.

Tech blog MicGadget claims to have received the photo of a paper prototype of a 4-inch iPhone case from a case manufacturer.

"Our friend from cases manufacturing company received shots with new 4-inch iPhone case. He claims that his company should soon begin production of cases for 4-inch smartphone. First release date - last week of October - first week of November," reports MicGadget.

The MicGadget report also suggests that the design of the iPhone 6c is in line with the design of the iPhone 6 but the screen size if smaller. The purported iPhone 6c is expected to have a starting memory storage of 16GB while the minimum on-board storage of the iPhone 6s is expected to be 32GB.

Apple launched a low-cost smartphone called the iPhone 5c in 2013 but the handset failed to attract many customers. In 2014, Apple did not introduce a successor to the iPhone 5c but speculations are rife that the company will launch the iPhone 6c this year.

According to a previous TechTimes report, in May this year, Apple accidentally revealed the iPhone 6c on its own "iPhone Lightning Dock" page. Some market observers believe that the Apple page showed a real iPhone 6c while others believe it was just an image editing error by Apple that was swiftly rectified.

Apple has not yet confirmed any plans of launching the iPhone 6c and there are not a lot of rumors about the upcoming low-budget Apple handset. However, the iPhone 6c may get the Touch ID button, which is also found on the flagships iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6c is also estimated to get NFC that will allow for Apple Pay to be used on the smaller device.

The iPhone 5c has a starting price tag of $450 and Apple will have to attach a competitive price tag to the iPhone 6c to attract more customers.

Photo: Karlis Dambrans | Flickr

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