Chip maker Intel believes monitors boasting a resolution of four times the pixels of today's high-def monitors and televisions supporting 4K could hit a price point of under $400 by year's end and taking an active role to make it happen.

Intel is partnering with monitor sellers View Sonic and TPV to bring those price points to market, according to Kirk Skaugen, senior VP and general manager of Intel's PC Client Group. He made his comments at a news event at the Computex trade show.

Intel is also looking to bring all-in-one PCs with 4K to market for less than a $1,000 and working with several partners, including Loop and Hiberek, on that effort, he said.

The pricing will likely drive greater adoption of 4K monitors and displays that are already for sale from leading vendors including Dell, Lenovo and Asus, with some priced near $700.

In addition to bringing cheaper high-def displays to market Intel is also hoping to make everyone's office, workplace and home computing area cable free.

The quest is to make everything wireless and Intel's chips can help make that happen, said Skaugen. He said the company's next version of its Broadwell chip, reportedly codenamed Skylake, will allow devices to eliminate the cables now needed. Intel's goal is to have the consumer's computing realm be completely wire free within two years.

While on the topic of wire-free, Intel also wants to make recharging all those increasing numbers of computing and mobile devices wireless when it comes to recharging. It's developed a new protocol WiGi that can operate at speeds up to 7 Gbps.

The system reportedly uses magnetic resonance charging and works through two inches of wood, which means the charger system can be tucked away from the work area and desktop. It's described as a charging plate that can power several devices simultaneously.

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