Apple iOS 8: 3 things users should know about


With the launch of Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 8, users and tech gurus alike are already scrambling to detail what is new and what we can expect from the new operating system and how it will differ what what previous versions of iOS have looked like.

Apple announced the new iOS 8 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco this week.

While Tech Times previously reported on the new iOS featuring innovative health and fitness tracking apps, whereby users can be in contact with doctors and researchers at the Mayo Clinic on a myriad of health issues, the new iOS does have some features that should be noted.

But unlike previous statements from Apple's top brass, the WWDC has not necessarily lived up to expectations that it would have a major wow factor present. Andy Cue, senior VP of Internet softwar and services at Apple, said, "Later this year, we've got the best product pipeline that I've seen in my 25 years at Apple."

Still, that doesn't mean the new iOS, which launches in the fall, isn't innovative and it does deliver on a number of key functions that users had long asked Apple to look into for future updates.

One of those is the new photos area of the iOS, which will give users the ability to upload photos directly to their iCloud accounts, enabling complete access of your images from any location on any of your devices. The new app will also deliver more editing and searching tools so that organization will be easier.

A second interesting feature will be third-party keyboards. Similar to Android word prediction, the touch-screen keyboard will begin to analyze the writing and deliver three suggested words for use. In addition to this, third-party developers of keyboards will have the iOS market at their fingertips now, as Apple has changed its policy on using non-Apple keyboards, a move that many are hopeful will spur interest from traditionally non-Apple users.

But for those out there who want to get the whole family using and sharing files and photos together on apps, Apple is changing course and delivering what it is calling Family Sharing, a feature that will allow one purchase to then share the apps or media content for up to six users. This could be important for families who want to have digital calendars, lists and share photos easier.

It also will give parents the ability to set limits on what their children are able to purchase. Parents will have the option to approve any purchase by their child.

Overall, the new iOS 8 is a step beyond its previous version and many are hopeful that it will help trigger a new wave of Apple innovation based on a better system.

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