Looking to sync your Android tablet or smartphone with a Windows 10 PC? It's pretty easy to achieve the syncing and transferring data back and forth, all thanks to Microsoft's Phone Companion app which it released earlier in May this year.

For those who are wondering why syncing is required, unlike Windows Phone users that sync automatically with a Windows 10 PC, iOS and Android users need to set-up the sync process and need a Windows Live account, which should be verified, to do the same.

Even though iOS and Android users will get support that is restricted to five apps vis-à-vis Windows Phone users who get all seven, the deal is not a bad one.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you sync your Android smartphone with your Windows 10 PC.

Important Things to Remember 

- Make sure that your Android smartphone has sufficient battery charge prior to beginning the syncing process.

- Ensure you have a verified Windows Live account.

- Have your Android device at hand for setting up the Windows 10 Phone Companion app.

How to Sync:

Step 1: Connect your Android smartphone to the PC through a USB cable. Windows 10 will automatically identify the device and start installing the requisite USB drivers.

Step 2: Launch the Phone Companion app and select the device platform, i.e. Android.

Step 3: Select OneDrive.

Step 4: Key-in your Windows Live account's login details. Wait for the prompt and then click the sign-in button.

Step 5: Once logged in, you will get a download link in your email. Click on this link to download the corresponding app for Android. Alternately, the app can be sought out via the Google Play Store directly.

Step 6: Install the app on your phone. Relaunch it and key in the Windows Live ID details.

Step 7: Sign in to the account and follow the instructions and give requisite permits to run the app. For example, OneDrive will need a permit for accessing the image streaming/gallery.

Step 8: Now that the Phone Companion app is set up, go to the PC and check the confirmation box that acknowledges that you've signed into OneDrive app on your particular Android device.

Step 9: Next, confirm the Camera Upload settings on your handset. Do so by ticking the box. Hit next and then Done to finish the process.

You can now sync data from your Android phone to the Windows 10 PC. To sync the other compatible apps with Phone Companion app repeat the same steps.

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