Sony's Smartband SWR10 is finally released in the U.S. market, selling for a retail price of $99.99. 

The device, which was first announced in the Consumer Electronics Show 2014, looks just like other activity trackers with a silicon wristband that comes in different colors. It is waterproof, is composed of a wristband and a core unit, and is compatible with Android 4.4 KitKat smartphones.

Unlike other devices in wearable technology, however, the SWR10 goes beyond the usual capabilities of tracking physical activity and adds social activity into the mix.

"The SmartBand is an innovative life-logging wrist band that lets you keep track of everything you do - your movements, your communication, your entertainment," says Sony on the product's official page.

On top of counting the steps you've taken each day and your sleeping cycles, the SWR10 impresses by also recording and illustrating through the companion Lifelog app all the other precious details of your daily life.

When you take a picture, that instance shows up on Lifelog's timeline. When you view a video, that event is recoded in your life graph, which Sony calls the users" journey view." Do you remember the weather during that time that you had to take a 45-minute workout? Lifelog will show that information to you on your timeline, which you can view from the present moment all the way back to the first day that you begin using Lifelog.

A map view of Lifelog also points to your location all over the world. Special moments in life can also be given bookmarks through a touch of a button on the Smartband.

The SWR10 also works as an extension of your smartphone, informing you of incoming messages and calls through vibration notifications. Users can also use the SWR10 to control the smartphone music player, allowing you to play, pause and skip tracks with just simple taps on the wristband. When the user reaches the Bluetooth range limit between the smartband and the smartphone, it will also vibrate as a reminder to keep the devices near each other. However, even when the SWR10 is temporarily disconnected with your smartphone, it will continue to record your activities and passes the information to your smartphone once re-connected.

The SWR10 also has the capability of connecting to other Sony entertainment devices, including the PlayStation gaming console. Once connected to it, the SWR10 will record personal gaming achievements. 

The SWR10 promises a battery life of five days on just one hour of charging. It connects to smartphones through Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. 

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