A Samsung affiliate has developed a curved battery to use in Samsung's wearable tech products and not only does it provide necessary form factor flexibility the battery boasts a longer life span.

The battery, a 210mAh-model, is part of Samsung's newly launched Gear Fit smartband product that hit the market late last week.

The improved battery has five times the life power of previous smartband batteries, states a report regarding Samsung SDI's battery innovation.

The news comes as wearable tech devices are flooding into market, from fitness-focused options to critical care tools used in emergency rooms. As Tech Times reported, while 2013 was a pretty good year for worldwide wearable computing devices, this year will be a boom period with research firm IDC predicting shipments will hit 19.2 million, which is triple the shipments last year. The IDC report states Samsung, which has unveiled multiple wearable computing devices, is the most trusted brand for wearables, ahead of Apple, Sony, and Google.

But Samsung and its affiliated partners are far from alone when it comes to innovating on the components in wearables.

As one report relates researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a flexible antenna that moves with a user's activity via nanowires that are also used in sensors for wearable devices.

Samsung SDI said its new curved battery uses so-called V-bending technology, which reduces the size but enlarges capacity.

"As the global market for smartbands is anticipated to expand sharply in the near future, Samsung SDI will continue to make efforts to become the No. 1 player in the smartband batteries market," said Lee Kyung-sang, a company official.

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