It's really no surprise that the upcoming Doom reboot is violent. Ever since the original game came out all those years ago, violence has been a part of the franchise.

Video game violence has been a topic of debate for years: chances are, if someone's talking about games being too violent, they're talking about Doom.

The 2016 reboot isn't about to buck the trend, either: in fact, it's looking like the Doom reboot will be more violent than any of its predecessors. However, while many other games will be violent for the sake of being violent, there's a rhythm to Doom's violence that's unique. It's not just about killing demons from hell, it's about killing demons from hell in the smoothest, most stylish way possible.

Take the game's finishing moves, for example: dubbed "Glory Kills," these scripted animations look just like any other pre-canned kill animation. There's some truth to that, but Glory Kills go a lot deeper than "push the button and win" — Id Software is dedicated to keeping the game's flow and overall pace going, even when players come to a stop.

It's an interesting concept, and one that most games seem to ignore. Doom is all about keeping a rhythm going and making sure that players are always moving forward.

In other games, such animations would be used as punctuation. Take Halo's Assassinations, for example: these kills are a reward for successfully stalking or outflanking a player, but they're so long by comparison that the flow of the game changes. Compare that to Doom: the Glory Kills are so short that players get the reward and continue playing with no discernible pause.

Id Software has made it clear that Doom is different from the other shooters on the market today. At first glance, the Glory Kills seem to go against that notion: there are plenty of other games out there with similar features. After taking a closer look, however, it's clear that Doom's Glory Kills are just a tiny part of a bigger, bloody picture.

Sadly, there's still a bit of a wait before players can get their hands on Doom and its demon hordes: the game is scheduled for release in spring 2016.

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