August 28th: Jack "The King" Kirby’s birthday! Also? Read Comics in Public Day!

Set up in 2010 by the Tech Times’ very own Brian Heater (along with fellow Daily Cross Hatch editor Sarah Morean), the nerd-approved holiday urges comic book fans everywhere to publicly unveil their choice of reading material.

The forming of RCIPD is sourced directly from Heater’s "novels only" penchant (long since banished) while reading on NYC’s people-packed subway system. Realizing that discrimination against all things funny books was the very embodiment of wickedness, Heater and Morean decided a change was in order. Or, better yet, a celebration, one that embraces the sight of adults, kids and everyone in-between clutching their comics amid the great outdoors!

August 28th, Jack "The King of Comics" Kirby's birthday, was chosen as the date to shun reading material entombed within a hulking tome. Taking its place? Sleek, shiny monthlies, graphic novels or even trade paperbacks — whatever tickles your fancy.

2010’s first-ever Read Comics in Public Day prompted widespread recognition, with proud congregations of fans chronicled around the globe. To further the awesomeness, a spinoff holiday, Women Read Comics in Public Day, was created to combat further stigmas.

This acknowledgment and addressing of reproach — comics-related or otherwise — is a big component of RCIPD. Public parade of things near and dear to your heart shouldn’t induce embarrassment or humiliation; these passions should be lauded! Extolled! Acclaimed with bucketloads of bravado!

It's fine as long as one’s personal pastime doesn’t involve foxtrotting stark bollock naked around Times Square while lathered in fruity-fragranced body lotion.

Of course, fans are encouraged to read their comic books in public every day — not least by co-founder Brian Heater; he's “… definitely in favor of that. It’s not an ‘only participate on the holiday’ thing.”

Today is RCBIP’s fifth anniversary, and participants are invited to chronicle their public reading escapades by posting photos in the comments section of Free Comic Book Day (FCBD)’s Facebook page (doing so could even nab you a prize pack — check the FB page for details on the contest).

Now, go forth and publicly showcase those comic books!

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