Apple is set to unveil its latest iPhone, the iPhone 6s, at an event on Sept. 9 in San Francisco that will likely show a renewed push by the company for Siri and its home-automation offerings.

While other things might be unveiled at the event, the iPhone 6s is sure to be the star of the show. So what should we expect of the new device?

It is largely thought that the iPhone 6s will include smaller upgrades compared with last year, mostly because Apple completely overhauled the iPhone and gave it far better specs. Nevertheless, we should expect an upgraded processor in the iPhone 6s, called the A9 processor. Along with that processor it is hoped that we will see increased RAM.

Siri will also most likely be put front and center in the iPhone 6s release, especially with Apple's push on its HomeKit home automation system, which is set to take off as a prominent Internet-of-Things platform.

Ideally, the camera of the device will also get an upgrade. Apple devices are known for having to be charged often, and it would be nice to see a device that can retain battery life longer than current phones.

One of the biggest upgrades expected from the iPhone 6s is an improved camera. The iPhone has long been hailed as having one of the best cameras on the market, and the iPhone 6s should be no different. Many suggest that the next camera will include better autofocus features and optical image stabilization on the iPhone 6s, and not just the iPhone 6s Plus, as was the case in the last generation of iPhones when optical image stabilization was added only to the Plus. Not only that, but the megapixel count will likely be upgraded to 12, compared with the 8 MP found in previous generations. Reports indicate that we might also see 4K video recording capabilities, as well as a flash for the front-facing camera.

Perhaps even bigger than the improved camera is the addition of Force Touch to the iPhone. What this will essentially do is add another layer of input for the device. Users can touch the screen to input one command, or they can press down harder to input another. The tech first was first introduced by Apple in the new MacBook touchpads in April, and is expected to make its way into many of Apple's other products. In fact, a number of leaked images almost confirm Force Touch on the new iPhone, as they show a thicker display panel than previous generations, which would be needed for a device with Force Touch capabilities.

Of course, only time will tell what the iPhone 6s includes, although many of these features are either overdue or are a logical next step for Apple.

Via: The Guardian

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