Speculation is brewing that Amazon.com's long-awaited smartphone might be soon a reality after a posting on its website discussed the new launch of a product later this month. The company said the "new device" will be put forward to the public on June 18 in Seattle, where the company is based.

The move could be a game-changer in a market dominated by Apple and Samsung. It could change things even more if it's substantiated that the device will be that long-overdue smartphone that rumors have pointed to as having 3D elements.

The company launched the teaser information on the mystery new product on its website as well as in a new YouTube.com video showcasing that Amazon.com is looking to transcend the tech world with this upcoming launch.

It is unclear how it will play out in the market if the company launches a smartphone. Amazon is known for delivering devices, such as the Kindle, at near cost, leaving investors frustrated the company is not looking at profit margins in the product development stage. But Amazon makes the majority of its revenue on sales, which have been driven massively positive with the Kindle and the purchasing of ebooks through Amazon.com.

The June 18 event is to be hosted by CEO Jeff Bezos, Amazon said in a tweet on the micro-blogging site Twitter. The posting also included an image of a thin, black device with Amazon's name plastered over it. It is unclear if that is a new smartphone that the world has yet to see.

It is an ambitious move, if it is a smartphone, say analysts.

"This is a play by Amazon to get a stake in the most ubiquitous device category there is," said Jan Dawson, a technology-industry analyst who runs research and advisory firm Jackdaw, in comments published by Bloomberg.

Samsung currently leads the global smartphone sector, outdoing Apple nearly two to one in sales of their devices, but with Samsung's latest Galaxy S5 not being the product that many had thought it would be, and with Apple expected to launch its new iPhone 6 later this year, the market is ripe for a new entrant. Amazon believes it has the expertise, know-how and ability to attract users with its own potential smartphone.

These are just rumors, for now.

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