AT&T and T-Mobile are continuing their efforts to address the Stagefright security flaw, as the two carriers release an update to protect LG G4 smartphone owners from falling victim to the exploit.

AT&T released a software update for the LG G4 that will be pushed out to subscribers through an over-the-air update, with the carrier stating that the patch includes security improvements to the device.

In the support page for the update, AT&T recommends that user backs up all their media files into another storage device just in case something goes wrong and the update wipes out all of the user's date. Users are also recommended to be connected to a stable Wi-Fi network and have a significant amount of battery left on their devices.

Once AT&T LG G4 owners receive a notification on their smartphones that the software update has arrived, users will simply have to prompt the download to begin. Once the installation of the update is complete, the LG G4 will automatically restart.

The update will take the software version of the AT&T LG G4 to H81010l with build number LMY47D. The size of the update is 46.7 MB.

For T-Mobile's version of the LG G4 update, users can wait for the over-the-air update to arrive at their devices or choose to download and install the patch to their smartphones themselves. The update will take the device's software version from H81110H to H81110N, and will take up a much bigger space compared to the AT&T update at 353MB.

T-Mobile LG G4 owners are also recommended to be connected to a stable Wi-Fi network and have sufficient battery life for the process of installing and downloading the update.

In addition to the fix for the Stagefright exploit, the T-Mobile LG G4 update also adds a Slow Motion feature for taking videos, along with separating notifications sound levels from the ringer sound levels in the Settings menu.

Stagefright is a remote code execution bug that allows hackers to take over control of a device without its owner doing anything. The user may not even know that their device was compromised, as the hacker can delete all signs that the Android smartphone was breached.

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