Luxury device customizer Goldgenie has started to take preorders for the iPhone 6S and iPhone6S Plus in advance of Apple's official unveiling of the devices.

Goldgenie offers the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in either 24K gold, rose gold or platinum, with the 32GB Elite model coming in at £2,300, which is equivalent to about $3,500. The price is the same for both devices.

The 64GB model is priced at £2,300, equivalent to about $3,800, while the 128GB model is priced at £2,700, which is equivalent to about $4,200.

The Swarovski Style Brilliance Elite model adds Swarovski-style crystals on the device's bezel and on the top and bottom of the smartphone's back.

The third option is the Supernova model, wherein the whole back cover and sides of the device is embellished with Swarovski-style crystals, along with the Apple logo.

The fourth model, the Crocodile Embossed Leather & Swarovski Style Crystal Logo, coats the smartphone in gold and then the back with either black or red crocodile leather, with the Apple logo then studded with Swarovski-style crystals. This model, however, does not seem to have a version for the iPhone 6S Plus.

For some reason, the Swarovski Style Brilliance Elite, the Supernova and the Crocodile Embossed Leather & Swarovski Style Crystal Logo models carry the same prices as that of the basic Elite model.

The last model, the Diamond Rockstar Limited Edition, finally breaks free from the flat pricing of the different Goldgenie models. The smartphone features 800 VS1 brilliant cut diamonds, which are set into the sides of the device and in the Apple logo at the back. This model only comes with a 128GB capacity at a price of £10,000, equivalent to about $15,400.

Goldgenie notes that all smartphones purchased from the company do not come with SIM cards but are all unlocked to be compatible with any network in the world. In addition, all purchased iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus units from Goldgenie will be shipped within a unique cherry oak-finished carrying box, and come with Total Armour Protection.

However, the prices of the listed devices do not yet include value-added tax, which alone would probably cost the same as a brand-new, regular iPhone 6S.

Customers looking to preorder their smartphones can do so by making a 50 percent down payment. Shipping is free, though that cost would be very minimal to the total price of acquiring these luxury devices.

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