The S90 from Volvo has yet to launch, but customers can already get a hint of what to expect from the upcoming flagship sedan as images of the vehicle's die-cast model have been spotted on the Internet.

The leaked images were originally seen on a Chinese site but were later verified to be the real deal by Swedish site Teknikens Varld. Based on the photos, it seems like the upcoming S90 will carry on the styling staples of Volvo's 2013 Concept Coupe along with the popular Thor's Hammer-inspired LED headlight that is a mainstay on the XC90 crossover. Other styling hints from the images include narrow pillars, unique wheel designs and C-shaped taillights.

According to Lex Kerssemarkers, Volvo's VP of product strategy, the S90 will be touted as a four-door sedan and will have a more "distinctive" look as compared to its predecessor, the S80. The vehicle will also pave the way for the launching of the V90, a roomy station wagon, which is expected to launch in almost a year later. The lineup may then be concluded with a long-wheelbase model, but it is still too early to tell if it will hit the roads in the U.S.

It is highly likely that the S90 will feature the same engines found on the XC90. If this is true, it means that the entry-level S90 will be equipped with a four-cylinder, two-liter engine that will run on both a supercharger and turbocharger with 316 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque.

Volvo is poised to directly compete with rival premium U.K., German and Japanese automakers and hopes to continue the success of its 2016 XC90 SUV which had a great start as demand for the vehicle exceeded its initial production.

The S90 is expected to be announced in public at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall. When it launches, it will be competing with popular premium sedans, such as the Mercedes Benz E Class, the Audi 6, the Jaguar XF and the BMW 5 Series.

Since it is being billed as a more premium model, it is safe to assume that it will also demand a higher price point than the XC90's. The latter currently starts at $49,895 for the base T6 variant that comes with Momentum trim. The more luxurious T8 version features an Inscription trim and sells at a whopping $72,595.

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