Seagate has made a breakthrough in hard drive technology, producing the world's highest density hard drive. The hard drive has 2 TB of storage, however, it achieves this with a 2.5-inch form factor that includes two plates and is only 7 mm thick.

The hard drive is only 3.17 oz in weight and is 25 percent lighter than the company's previous generation of mobile hard drives. The hard drive itself is aimed at mobile devices and laptops that are becoming increasingly thin.

"Combining new mechanical firmware architectures, with state of the art heads, media and electronic design, this technology is a real game changer — providing four times more capacity than a 0.25 TB SSD at a substantially lower cost," said Mark Re, chief technology officer for Seagate, in a statement.

Of course, the release comes at a time when solid state hard drives are becoming increasingly popular for their performance improvements. Despite the better performance on solid state drives, traditional hard drives still offer more storage for the price, and when it comes to large storage sizes, solid state drives are still very much unaffordable.

The new hard drive has not yet been given a price or release date, however, previous 2 TB, 2.5-inch hard drives offered by the company run for around $120. While the fact that this is a breakthrough in technology could bring the price up, it's likely that the hard drive will be somewhere around the $120 mark. It's important to note, however, that the hard drive will primarily be targeted toward device manufacturers.

Via: Seagate

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