HANDS OFF our customer data: Google, Microsoft, Facebook et al warn NSA


The top tech titans are coming together to help fight the NSA and its brazen actions. The aim here is to have government surveillance reformed, and for greater transparency when it comes down to the NSA collecting data.

CEOs of Apple, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook, Dropbox, AOL, and LinkedIn are urging the senate to pass a stronger version of the USA Freedom Act. The group hopes that this stronger revision will restore provisions that were removed in the past under pressure from the intelligence community and the white house.

The group, which calls itself the Reformed Government Surveillance coalition, made its voice heard in an open letter that was released on the anniversary of the first Edward Snowden leak. Whether or not the senate will listen is still up in the air, but with so many powerful technology leading companies on the list, it would be difficult for the senate to make a decision that is not in their favor.

The group was formed after revelations that proved the NSA was spying on American citizens and hacking into company data centers to get a hold of user information. The group began operation late last year, and we're certain that the push for greater transparency and the end to the NSA's nasty actions will bear fruit.

Why is the group coming out right now in full force?

Well, the group is frustrated with a recently passed surveillance compromise bill by the House of Representatives.

"In the next few weeks, the Senate has the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and pass a version of the USA Freedom Act that would help restore the confidence of internet users here and around the world, while keeping citizens safe.

"Unfortunately, the version that just passed the House of Representatives could permit bulk collection of internet "metadata" (e.g. who you email and who emails you), something that the Administration and Congress said they intended to end. Moreover, while the House bill permits some transparency, it is critical to our customers that the bill allow companies to provide even greater detail about the number and type of government requests they receive for customer information," according to a section of the open letter.

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