From the sound of it, Samsung still has a little something left up its sleeve for today's pre-IFA events (on its wrists, no less), but thus far the company's biggest announcement is a surprise one: the SleepSense Sleep Tracker.

The device is actually a fair bit larger than I was originally expecting – roughly the diameter of a 7-inch record. It's thin, though, which is key here. After all, it's meant to slip under a mattress while the user sleeps, but unless you've got a real Princess and the Pea situation going on in your bedroom, you're probably not going to feel the thing.

The disc is big and plasticky and shaped somewhat like a tadpole, with a small triangle jutting out of one side of the large circle. There's a microUSB slot at the end for charging. It's not much in the looks department, but that ultimately doesn't matter a whole heck of a lot – out of sight, out of mind, etc.

The disk takes two to three minutes to get to work. Once it does, operation is pretty straightforward for anyone who has ever used sleep tracking or any other mobile monitoring devices.

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