A 9-year-old cancer patient in Coral Springs, Florida got the biggest surprise of his life for his 9th birthday. He was given a chance to become the city's superhero on Friday, June 6.

Jaylen Hyde is battling against leukemia and through the Make-A-Wish Foundation; he got to wear a superhero mask and cape for his birthday. "Striker Boy" took to the streets and skies of Broward County and fought to bring down the resident enemy "Sneaky Pete" in his stunning Lamborghini named "Strikemobile."

Sneaky Pete is a green half man, half alligator who was making all sorts of trouble in South Florida. Hyde wore his costume and activated his superhero powers, busy dealing with multiple tasks at different locations throughout the state. The superhero was helped by his sidekick brother.

Striker Boy's adventure made him diffuse a bomb and put out fires. To begin his long day, Striker Boy disarmed an explosive device at a soccer complex. After doing it successfully, he flew in a chopper and saw a building on fire. He then rode in a fire truck along with Davie Fire Fighters and saved the day. However, Sneaky Pete stole a puppy from a girl but Striker Boy quickly rescued the pet and finally arrested the enemy. Sneaky Pete was handcuffed and later escorted to prison at the Sheriff's Office.

"We couldn't have done it without him. Our city would be in shambles without him. He came through once again. We owe him our lives," one resident said. The superhero's big day ended with a birthday party and press conference at the Broward Police Department where he revealed his real identity by taking off his mask (unlike other superheroes who prefer to remain anonymous).

"We knew he was going to beat that battle, just like he was out there fighting today in the heat and all. He was going to fight that battle today, and he's going to fight this battle and beat cancer," Jaylen's mother Dalia Rodriguez said. She was not surprised that her son performed well as a superhero and said that her son has always proved to be a fighter.

Jaylen was able to live out every boy's dream to become a superhero. His mother knows he will never forget this day. Jaylen's cancer is currently in remission but he is still in treatment.

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