If you like games that involve watching adorable little creatures getting maimed, burned, sliced in half and electrocuted, game developer ApathyWorks has just the game for you: Cute Things Dying Violently.

Of course, the point of Cute Things Dying Violently is actually about saving the hapless little creatures by launching them around levels to dodge spikes, buzzsaws, fire and evil robots. Of course, part of the fun is watching those that don't make it: those that get left behind in pieces or as charred, smoking husks. This also seems a good fit for fans of the Dumb Ways to Die mobile games.

The game initially features 48 levels, but ApathyWorks plans on releasing new levels for the game on a regular basis, all free after you purchase the base game.

However, if you'd like to tap into your more creatively violent tendencies, you can also use Steam Workshop and the game's Level Editor to create your own levels where adorable creatures suffer horrific deaths and share those with your friends, enemies and everyone in between.

For those who purchase the game on Steam for PC, you'll also get an Android copy of the game for free.

You can also now watch the official launch trailer for Cute Things Dying Violently:

"Hey kids!" writes ApathyWorks on the game's Steam page. "Do you like failure? Are you suspicious of success? Do you smile at the thought of "accidental" electrocution? Then boy have we got the game for you!"

The game previously saw success on the Indie Games Summer Uprising, a website that promotes the best of Xbox Live Indie games.

Although Cute Things Dying Violently was previously only available on Xbox Live Indie Games, a remastered version is now available for download on Steam, as well as for iOS and Android. The game is also available on Desura, Indievania and IndieCity.

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