Bethesda used a gorgeous cinematic to announce the sequel to Arkane's critically acclaimed stealth title Dishonored during E3 earlier this summer. Normally, a game's cinematic trailer is nothing like the actual game, but a new video from Bethesda looks at all the ways the game's CG trailer shows off weapons, locations, characters and enemies that players will encounter while playing Dishonored 2.

Arkane co-creative director Harvey Smith says he and the team on the first Dishonored prioritized a cinematic trailer that actually highlighted real abilities and locations that would be seen in the game. They've taken the same approach with Dishonored 2's announcement trailer.

"Everything Emily does in this trailer, you can do in the game," says Smith in the video. He then goes in-depth on how the various elements seen in the trailer play out in the actual game.

That incredibly cool building we see with shifting walls and ceilings? That's an actual location in game called the Clockwork Mansion. Emily's crossbow and ability to grapple using dark magic? That's in the game, too.

So are the new, robotic enemies that prevent Emily's bolt from hitting her target. Called "Clockwork Soldiers," the enemies, like much in the world of Dishonored, are powered by whale oil. Aristocrats and other high-standing men and women purchase these automated guards to protect their holdings. There are multiple versions of these mechanical creations as well, some with two faces and a much deadlier, late-game version of the enemy that has the face of a bird.

As we see in the trailer, parts of these machines can be broken off, revealing the gears and internal components that make the soldiers tick. You can check out the trailer breakdown below.

The original Dishonored recently got the "remaster" treatment in the form of Dishonored: Definitive Edition for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Dishonored 2 is scheduled to release sometime in 2016.

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