Remember the highly successful Justice League animated series on The Cartoon Network? We do. It would appear as if Warner Bros. is making plans to reboot the series in light of the upcoming movies of the same name.

A fan visited a Warner Bros. office in Burbank, California. On the wall was a few posters of animated series the company is planning to bring to the masses, and one of these posters has the name "JLA" imprinted on it, along with sketches of the Justice League characters.

It's been a very long time since we've seen a Justice League animated series. The only show that came close to the Justice League was a series called Young Justice.

Young Justice had a good following, but the series was cancelled, presumably because Cartoon Network was not selling enough toys to little boys and girls of the world.

If a new Justice League series is indeed created, we fear the same problem may arise. Cartoon Network will want to push the new toy line, and if things fail to go according to plan, the new series might go the way of the dinosaurs before long.

Then again, no one is even sure if there's a new Justice League animated series in the pipeline, though it would make a lot of sense for Warner Bros. to go down this route.

Having a Justice League animated series could do well for the movies coming up in a few years. It would get children who have little knowledge of what the Justice League is, to becoming the new generation of fans.

Would we want to see a Justice League animated series?

It would all boil down to what Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network are looking for from the series. If it is all about having a Justice League series that could ultimately draw more attention to the DC Extended Universe, then it could go on for a long time. However, if the selling of toys plays a huge role, then there's a good chance the series might follow the path of Young Justice.

Still, it is the Justice League, and children would likely know of the characters in the League rather than those from Young Justice. What we're saying is, there's a better chance of higher toy sales compared to the now defunct, Young Justice.

When should we expect it to launch?

Assuming the report is real, then we expect to see the first episode in 2016. We say this because there's already a poster, so that is saying enough.

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