A new report claimed that Ezra Miller's version of the Flash will be entirely different from the version Grant Gustin plays on television.

Apparently, the biggest difference to the movie version of the Flash has to do with the costume. The Flash on television brought to the table a costume that is between bright and dark red.

We have to say, the television costume, while not the best looking, is fine to us, it just needs a bit more work in season 2.

As for what Ezra Miller had to say, well, the man states that his costume gives off more of a Post-Apocalyptic design than anything else. We're not sure what that means because we can't remember seeing a modern day Flash character dressed in a post-apocalyptic costume before, so this is entirely new to us.

We're also not surprised that this is where Warner Bros. is taking the Flash. The DC Extended Universe is expected to be dark and gritty, and even the more light-hearted characters in the universe might be less so.

Outside of the costume design, it is said that Miller claimed his character will have tall hair, something we've never seen from the Flash. Furthermore, he won't have a bulky physique, but something more on the ripped and defined side.

The body type of Ezra Miller's version of the Flash is probably the only thing that is in line with the comics; everything else is just so odd.

At the end of the day, we hope it all works out well for the movie and for Ezra Miller, because at this point, we believe that a single terrible film in the DC Extended Universe could spell doom.

After seeing what Marvel Studio has done over the past eight years, it is safe to say that Warner Bros. has a tall ladder to climb in order to compete with such a juggernaut.

Marvel has room for error; Warner Bros. doesn't have that luxury with the DCEU, at least, not for a long time.

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