Motorola is expected to introduce a number of smartphones this year, including the Moto G (2015), Moto X Style or Moto X Pure Edition and the Moto X Play. However, the smartphone maker is also rumored to be working on another handset called the Moto X Force, which will be available in various color options.

Motorola has not revealed any information about the Moto X Force. However, Twitter leaker @upleaks suggests that Moto X Force, codenamed Motorola Bounce, will be released in December.

@Upleaks has been posting some renders of the Moto X Force on his Twitter account, showing the handset in black and white colors. Now, a new tweet shows the upcoming handset in a number of other colors, including dark blue and reddish brown.

Black and white colors are quite common smartphone colors. However, many smartphones are available in a range of vibrant colors to suit personal tastes. In fact, Motorola also introduced Moto Maker, its program that offers the first and second-generation Moto X with 26 color options for the rear cover. The Moto X Force may not get as many color options, but more options may attract more customers to buy the handet.

@Upleaks has also leaked some purported specs of the Moto X Force. The handset is rumored to feature a 5.43-inch shatter-proof display and may get a 21MP rear-facing camera and a 5MP front-facing camera. The leak also suggests that the handset will be available in 32GB and 64GB models.

The Moto X Force is likely to get a Snapdragon 810 processor and 3GB of RAM. The mobile device may also include a 3,760mAh battery. If released in December, the Moto X Force may come running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow straight out of the box.

If the leaked images are to be believed, then the upcoming handset will have two speaker grills at the bottom of the display screen.

Many top-end smartphones now come with a fingerprint scanner. It remains to be seen if Motorola will offer one on the Moto X Force.

Smartphone enthusiasts who are waiting to get more details about the Moto X Force will have to wait for Motorola to first announce the handset.

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