Minecraft fans are a special breed. Whether building the impossible within the game itself or paying tribute to Mojang's creation in the real world, their creativity never ceases to amaze.

The latest creation of one Minecraft superfan takes that creativity to a whole other level with a custom Redstone PC.

For starters, it actually looks like Redstone — one of the many resources from Minecraft itself. The PC is a small grey cube, with red lights sprinkled throughout to bring the Redstone to life. But this custom PC is much more than just a spiffy-looking case.

Creator Spencer Kern went a step further by making a custom Minecraft Xbox One controller, mouse, headset and keyboard as well. There is even a Steve mini figure hiding within the cube itself.

Kern created the PC for the sole purpose of playing Minecraft, in celebration of the release of Windows 10 and the release of the game for Microsoft's new OS. Even more impressive is the fact that this was the first time Kern had ever tackled a project like this.

"Just like the game, this entire build process was going to be an epic adventure," Kern says. "This was my first truly scratch-built PC so naturally the path ahead was filled with plenty of new challenges."

It looks like Kern overcame those challenges in spades. Every piece of his custom PC is perfectly detailed and beautiful to look at. Feast your eyes on the images below.

You sadly won't be able to buy a PC like this anytime soon, but if you are interested in trying to make one of your own, Kern goes in-depth discussing his creation process. You can check out the process behind Kern's Restone PC by following this link.

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