Force Friday is here — that magical day when Disney asks you to throw all your money at it for the latest and greatest in brand-new Star Wars toys.

The marketing ploy – which features a lot of merchandise related to the upcoming release of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens – means that toy manufacturers are coming up with new ideas to get both kids and adults in stores to buy toys.

However, science and nature toy retailer Uncle Milton's Toys has something different in mind. Its new Star Wars toys – just released for Force Friday – offer something that's both fun and educational. Its new science line for Star Wars features everything from a hologram experience to a UV light laser to teach kids how to grow their own light saber crystals.

How's that for fun? The best part: almost all of these items retail for under $25, save for The Force Trainer II: Hologram Experience. Most of these toys are already available for purchase on Uncle Milton's website.

Here's a list of all the new Star Wars toys Uncle Milton unveiled on Friday, September 4:

The Force Trainer II: Hologram Experience

For $119.99, you can learn to move holograms with nothing more than the power of your mind. The Hologram Experience takes you through 10 levels of Jedi training to develop your powers of concentration, eventually teaching you how to become a true Jedi Knight. How does it work? It uses a Bluetooth headset that reads your brainwaves.

Jedi Holocron

Let the Jedi Holocron read your mind as you think of any Star Wars character, location or technology. Let the Holocron ask you what you're thinking about and find yourself amazed when its AI eventually figures out what's on your mind.

Jedi Force Levitator

Every Jedi knows how to make items float in the air — and to do so, they obviously need this Jedi Force Levitator, which uses electrostaticforce (a static electricity generator) to give you the powers of Force Push and Pull.

Millennium Falcon UV Light Laser

The Millennium Falcoln UV Light Laser uses ultraviolet light to help you create your own light battles as you shoot lasers at battle scenes and TIE fighters that glow in the dark. You can even use UV to make your own light drawings on a phosphorescent screen, all with a handheld device shaped like the Millennium Falcon.

Lightsaber Crystal Growing Lab

Every lightsaber needs a crystal, so this lab is perfect for growing your own. Just mix a liquid solution together and watch as it forms into a crystal, which can then light up. Which color will you choose — blue for Jedi or red for the Dark Side?

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