Fans of Dragon Ball Z may recall the debate over who would win in a battle between Goku vs. Superman. But even if you believe that the Super Saiyan would be able to take on the superhero, what would happen if Goku took on the entire cast of Street Fighter II?

Nabil at GamebillStudio created the ultimate showdown scenarios between Goku and characters featured in Street Fighter II — because of course we are wondering who would win in a battle of Goku vs. Ryu and Goku vs. Chun-Li and so on.

All bets on Ryu? You might want to hang off until you watch this fan-made video.

The YouTuber took Goku sprites made by Balthazar, backgrounds from both Dragon Ball Z and Street Fighter II, along with sound effects, to put Goku head-to-head against the cast of SFII.

In the Goku vs. Street Fighter II mashup, the Super Saiyan first goes to Japan to defeat Ryu with a K.O. kick. Too bad Ryu didn't stand a chance. Goku then went on to use his powerful attack moves that send sumo wrestler E. Honda flying in the air for an easy take-down.

Goku also takes on the beastly mutant Blanka from Brazil, special forces operative Guile and Ryu's rival Ken from the U.S., before going to China to battle against martial artist Chun-Li. And like the characters before her, Chun-Li has nothing on the wrath of Goku. The Dragon Ball Z character then finishes off Russian pro wrestler Zangief, before going against Indian yogi master Dhalsim.

It seems like his SFII opponents are no match for Goku, as he goes in for brutal attacks with ease each time.

Watch Goku vs. the cast of Street Fighter II in this fan made video below.

Via: Kotaku

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