There is a new game on the prarie, called "Cliffhorse," from the makers of "Minecraft." Users get the opportunity to play as a horse, roaming around on hills. The game has already received a massive media push and the company is launching a public relations campaign on social media to garner attention for its latest release.

According to Notch, the company behind "Minecraft," the "Cliffhorse" game is aimed at getting those who are addicted to simple yet fun gaming. They can enjoy this new title with ease, moving through levels. All of this is for free.

The company is making the early release free for anyone to download, but has asked those who would like to help with future updating and innovations, including new game titles, to donate Dogecoins to the company.

The game may not get much more in-depth than the current release, which, according to a tweet by Notch, took only two hours to design, as the company has said there are "no guarantees of future updates" of the game. "As is" appears to be Notch's motto on this one.

The game is currently only available on Windows. The company has also reported that it has received around 280,000 Dogecoins, or $60, since the release.

The company hopes "Cliffhorse" will become another hit game after its "Minecraft" title became a mainstream and massive success. Two versions of the game were released over the past 12 months and both games have remained in the top 10 of games for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Notch itself appears to be a little surprised that this is the first title to be released after "Minecraft." "(I can't believe this somehow ended up being my first commercial game after Minecraft)," tweeted developer Markus Persson@notch.

Notch refers to "Cliffhorse" as being in "early access," which has given a bit of controversy to the new title, as the company has added that it isn't expecting any updates, meaning users are likely to be getting the final version, even as the company promotes it as "early access" at this point with a donation.

It will be interesting to see how this new title from Notch succeeds or fails. Based on the company's widespread success with "Minecraft," most analysts are expecting this game to do well in the market.

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