Up to now, Fonesalesman's wireless charging ambitions have been on the smaller side - standalone pucks and stones placed on furniture to charge up mobile devices.The next step for the company is pretty clear: cut out the middleman and make the furniture the charge.

Ikea broke the game wide open not too long ago with its own line of wirelessly charging furniture and now Fonesalesman wants a little piece of that Qi wireless charging action. Next up on the company's docket is a line of furniture made from sustainable bamboo.

Fonesalesman was showing off a table at IFA last night demonstrating the technology, which embeds a charging station into the wood. On the top of the table is a small, thin circle, designating the spot where a phone should be placed.

The Qi standard is quickly growing among flagship smartphones - most notably Samsung's latest devices. And the company's got some adapters to bring Apple's latest products up to speed, even as the company is still hesitant to do so itself.

The FurniQi line will be hitting Indiegogo soon. 

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