Monster’s Got A Sticky Phone Case For The Selfie-Obsessed


This may be the most unnecessary product that countless people need.

On one side, it's a pretty standard rubberized iPhone/Galaxy case. On the other is a special material (Monster's not being super forthcoming about precisely what the substance is) that adheres to glass and mirror surfaces.

That's pretty much all there is to it. You stick it to a surface and take a picture of yourself, thus eliminating the need for a selfie-stick — assuming, of course, that you're standing directly in front of an aforementioned glass or mirror surface.

The material itself is quite cool — it doesn't stick to porous surfaces, nor will it pick up lint and other crud from your pocket, but it can still bear the weight of an iPhone 6 Plus. It's almost a shame that it's being used to further bring yet more selfies into the world.

However, if that's your jam, you can pick one up now for $30 from Monster's site.

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