Okay, this is neat. The Theta S is a stick-shaped camera capable of taking full 360-degree still images with the press of a button.

At the top of the camera are two lenses facing opposite directions. Tap the button and it takes a shot.

The whole process took around nine seconds, according to my count (an estimated four times faster than the previous model). The device stitches together the two sides into one seamless 360-degree photo that can be swiped around and up and down to capture a full moment in time.

The device is staggeringly easy to use for this sort of product. It's compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, and, cooler still, now has the capability of uploading images directly to Google Maps.

The shots are high-res, too — 14 megapixels on the still side and full HD for video (though larger files will, naturally, take a heck of a lot longer to transfer).

The stick is due out in the States late next month for $349. It's a really well put together product, though the pricing might be a tad high given the product's limited usage potential.

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