Before we start, a quick note to the folks in Harman's PR department: don't start your booth tour with the $1,500 pair of Quincy Jones headphones. Start small and work your way up. After trying them out, who wants to waste their time with a mere $300 pair?

Like I said, I'm not being fair. I got spoiled. Truth be told, the JBL-branded Everest Elite 700 are a terrific pair of headphones. They're the peak of the company's Everest line and they bring the TruNote technology found on the much pricier pair to a price point a little more realistically within the grasp of consumers (well, consumers who would consider plunking down $300 for a pair of headphones).

Like the Quincy Jones line, they're comfortable, feature excellent active noise cancellation, and calibrate to the wearer's ears with TruNote. They also have the decided advantage of wireless Bluetooth functionality – though, naturally, you're going to want to keep them hard-wired for the best possible sound.

Another solid plus over the Quincy Jones line: I'd actually consider wearing them out in public. They're large but tastefully designed in solid black or white. Unveiled this week at IFA, the Everest Elite 700 should be out in the next couple of months. Check back here for a more thorough review in the near future. 

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