The biopic Steve Jobs is not due to be released until next month but attendees at the Telluride Film Festival got an early look over the weekend to see the result of Danny Boyle's directing, Aaron Sorkin's writing and Michael Fassbender's acting.

The late Apple founder was a figure of controversy. No one could deny he was a visionary but he was definitely lacking in the empathy department, a genius tyrant that people both admired and loathed. Shot mostly as backstage scenes to major keynotes for Apple, the biopic highlighted the 1984 launch of the Macintosh, the NeXT in 1988 and the iMac in 1998, while touching on some key aspects of Jobs' personal life, like his relationship with Steve Wozniak and Lisa Brennan-Jobs, his daughter.

According to Brooks Barnes from The New York Times, Fassbender's portrayal showed a Jobs that was "part genius and part monster," a man who seemed to make all effort to be cruel but was undeniably second to none when it comes to understanding marketing and technology.

Deadline's Pete Hammond said the strong response the biopic got at the weekend screening was well-deserved. It was a companion piece to The Social Network, which Sorkin also wrote, but it was even more effective. He caught up with Steve Wozniak, who said that he felt he was actually watching Jobs and not actors playing them.

"I give full credit to Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin for getting it so right," said the Apple co-founder.

For Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter, Steve Jobs would have been too remote if it was not for Jobs' daughter Lisa, which highlighted a painful part of his story. The biopic is not as flashy as the rest of Boyle's work but was still "propulsively fast, fleet and inquisitive."

Variety's Justin Chang addressed those who believe Jobs was a visionary and monster, saying they can rest assured that Sorkin, Boyle and Fassbender have given the Apple co-founder the "brilliant, maddening, ingeniously designed and monstrously self-aggrandizing movie he deserves."

There was also general agreement that Fassbender should get an Oscar nod for his role as Jobs.

Steve Jobs will be the New York Film Festival's centerpiece on Oct. 3. The biopic is set to hit theaters Oct. 9.

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