Steve Jobs was many things to many people.

To the Apple faithful, he was all but worshipped. His competitors longed for his razor-sharp ability to see and create the future. His co-workers were inspired by his genius — but fearful of his volatile temper.

This October, Danny Boyle's long-awaited biopic about Jobs, starring Michael Fassbender, rolls into theaters. One month earlier, you'll be able to get a different perspective on the tech icon, thanks to a documentary from the celebrated director of the brilliantly scathing Scientology exposé, Going Clear.

Alex Gibney cuts through Jobs' famous "reality distortion field" and shows the man as he truly was. Gibney is known for his unflinching presentation of the truth, no matter how beautiful or ugly it may be. Based on this first trailer for his Steve Jobs: The Man In the Machine, that certainly appears to be the case in Gibney's latest work.

The darker nature of Jobs' personality is well known and well documented. Countless documentaries and retrospectives (many of which were created shortly after his death) have chronicled his brilliance and his intensity. So what will Gibney bring to the table that hasn't already been said?

If he keeps true to form, Alex Gibney will likely dig deeper into Jobs' psyche, presenting evidence of the lives he changed (for good or ill), and why so many people see him in different ways. Hopefully, Gibney will finally explain why Jobs was the way he was. What events from his childhood and young adult life shaped the man he became? Where did his temper come from? What was he afraid of? What did he want most in life? Was he ever truly happy?

Take a look at the trailer.

Steve Jobs: The Man In the Machine will be in theaters and available on demand on September 4, 2015.

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