Yet another Indiegogo success story, the aiFi is a small, portable Bluetooth speaker designed to work in groups. The metal sound bars feature groves on top that allow the rubber feet on fellow units to sit comfortably on top. They also attach magnetically to one another, sitting side by side.

Using near-field IR technology, the individual speakers communicate and work as a group, boasting a bigger sound. The speakers sound great and are fairly powerful on their own, but the whole point is a more social experience. The aiFi speakers are compatible with iOS, OSX, Android, and Windows and have an internal battery that recharges when plugged in. It lasts 8-12 hours, and it takes just under two hours to recharge, the company says.  

The company's Indiegogo page floats social scenarios where friends and family get together and stack up speakers. That's perhaps the most plausible scenario. Starting at 180 euros, or about $201 USD a pop, the little speakers are particularly cheap. The aiFi site does feature some bundle deals, however, though a stack of six will run you a costly 950 euros, or about $1,060 USD.

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