You've seen Hello Kitty on just about anything and now she's headed for the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo and Sanrio have collaborated, outfitting a 3DS with Hello Kitty faceplates. The faceplates are also available separately for those who already have the hand-held console but certainly must have the beloved cat as part of their collection. The Hello Kitty-decked 3DS will be available for about $143 while the faceplates will retail for $17. There's no news yet of an international release but the 3DS and the faceplates will start selling in Japan on Nov. 28, perfectly right around the time that people start scouring for the perfect (purrfect?) holiday gift.

It was only recently that Nintendo of America announced that it will be releasing the smaller new 3DS in North America so the official launch of the Hello Kitty faceplates could also take some months. Originally, just the new 3DS XL was available in North America, depriving anyone with the bigger new 3DS the chance to swap faceplates as they wanted because faceplate-swapping is only possible with the smaller model. (Don't be disheartened, North American fans! If Nintendo of America won't bring the Hello Kitty faceplates to you, you can at least consider importing them. Thankfully, faceplates are not region-specific.)

European fans are also getting Hello Kitty faceplates but they are of a different design than what the Japanese will have. Nintendo of Europe announced via Twitter that the region will soon be enjoying new faceplate options come Nov. 27, posting images of Hello Kitty and Yoshi faceplates. If it's any consolation, the European design also features a lot of pink and a lot of ribbons, Hello Kitty's distinguishing features.

Fans, of course, were quick to rejoice that a Hello Kitty 3DS faceplate will but many also called on Sanrio to collaborate some more with Nintendo and highlight their other characters like Cinnamoroll, Bad Badtz-Maru, Chococat and Tuxedo Sam.

Hello Kitty has been spotted on a wide array of objects for years, not to mention having airplanes and hospitals themed after her. Hello Kitty even has a cross-over with Child's Play's Chucky, creating the perfect blend of cuteness and nightmare fuel.

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